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Washington Drug Rehab River Source facilities are among the nation’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers.

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Who are we? What does Washington Drug Rehab do?

Washington Drug Rehab River Source facilities offer alcohol and drug rehab programs for people 18 and older who suffer from the disease of addiction. Our holistic treatment programs are facilitated by an exceptional team of licensed MDs, Naturopathic MDs, Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselors (LISACs), Behavioral Technicians, Nutritionists, Certified Life Coaches, and Nurses.

We combine traditional medicine, naturopathic medical treatment, and the Alcoholics Anonymous12-Step program to empower our clients to achieve and maintain an optimal state of wellness.

When can you reach Washington Drug Rehab?

Call us day or night, 7 days a week someone is available to answer your questions about the Washington drug and alcohol treatment programs: 888-417-9212.

Where are the Washington Drug Rehab River Source facilities located?

Drug and alcohol treatment centers in Washington State are not the best choice for recovering addicts that live in Washington. It is a well-known fact that removing yourself from places and relationships that can trigger relapse is highly recommended for people in the early stages of recovery.

Washington Drug Rehab River Source Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers are located underneath the sunny blue skies of Arizona. Just a 3 hour flight from Washington. The best part is you fly free! The River Source feels so strongly about providing the safest place for recovery that they will pay the cost of your flight to Arizona.

Currently there are two Washington Drug Rehab River Source facility locations:

The Casa Grande River Source Center; rest off the beaten path in the brilliant beauty of the Arizona Sonoran desert.

The Arizona River Source Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center (Casa Grande)
950 N. Arizona St
Casa Grande, Arizona 85122

The Mesa River Source Treatment Center was founded in 2003 in the heart of the colorful historical art district of Downtown Mesa.

The Arizona River Source Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center (Mesa)
108 E. 2nd Ave
Mesa, Arizona 85210

Washington Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers
Top 10 Reasons To Choose Washington Drug Rehab

1. Our Philosophy

Effective treatment for alcohol and drug addictions must focus on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit of each client and must provide them with the tools necessary to manage their recovery long after leaving our centers.

2. Your Needs

People have different backgrounds, world perspectives, and challenges. At the Washington River Source rehabilitation centers, we recognize that effective treatment can only occur through a customized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

3. 12-Step Edification

The 12-Step Program is a fundamental aspect of the River Source Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. The 12-Steps have stood the test of time and are still the most effective programs for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

4. Individual Counseling plus Life Coaching

Our Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselors (LISAC) are experienced and compassionate. Many of them are also recovering addicts who have transformed their lives and found within themselves a passion to help others learn how do the same.

Life Coaching is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Coaches teach clients how to identify what actions they can take to improve their lives, encourage them and hold clients accountable to their commitments to recovery.

5. Nutrition / Sauna Detox

Our treatment program is holistic, meaning our practitioners focus on promoting total body wellness; mind, body, and spirit, which are all interconnected. Physical health is promoted at our facilities with balanced nutritious meals, nutritional IV therapy, gym outings, yoga, and sauna detoxification in our luxurious private sauna. When the body is properly nourished, the mind can function optimally. Counseling, 12 Step meetings, Life Coaching, daily meditation and other life skill practices are taught to encourage mental and spiritual well-being.

6. Fitness

Throughout the week clients take the time to care for their bodies. Practicing yoga with a certified instructor, going on nature hikes, strengthening their endurance through cardio workouts and increasing their strength through weight training are some of the physical activities clients participate in.

7. Intimacy

We provide a safe and peaceful environment for clients to live in while they focus on their recovery. And we reserve the right to refuse treatment to people who threaten to interrupt the treatment of other clients or will infringe on the nurturing environment that defines our facilities.

Both Washington Drug Rehab River Source facilities have a maximum capacity of 40 clients, however we generally we keep our occupancy at around 35 clients. Having only 35 to 40 clients keeps clients from slipping between the cracks. Our facility creates an intimate setting where clients can receive more individualized attention and develop more meaningful relationships with their peers and staff members.

8. Family Counseling

Family members can play an important role in an addict’s successful recovery. Our therapists are experienced in conducting Family Counseling to help clients and their families address the difficult issues surrounding addiction.

9. Aftercare Wellness

The road to recovery doesn’t end when clients leave the security of the River Source facilities. Each client is required to co-create a detailed aftercare plan with his or her counselor. After graduation counselors will stay in touch with clients and call them to follow-up and see if they are staying committed to their after-care program.

Additional aftercare provisions provided by the River Source include: access to the naturopathic clinic, sobriety checks, open invitations to group meetings, and periodic group counseling sessions for up to one year.

10. Affordability

The River Source Naturopathic Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center gives clients the opportunity to transform their lives for an incredibly affordable price.

Treatment Costs: $9,500.00 (discounted from our regular fee of $15,000) for the first 30 days, and $6,500 for subsequent months.

For a confidential consultation regarding discounted fees, please contact one of our friendly personnel. We are available to consult you 24 hours a day 7 days a week:
Call TOLL-FREE 888-417-9212